Murat Kabardokov was born on January 29, 1986 in Nalchik, Russia. From the age of 7 he studied in the music school N2 of the city on the piano and guitar classes. After school education he entered at the College of Culture and Arts. Approximately from the age of 13, Murat began to learning composition under the direction of Jabrail Haupa.

        In 2009 he graduated North Caucasus State Institute of Arts in two specialties: composition and piano. The same year the publishing house "Elbrus" released a sheet music "Adyghe (Circassian) melodies for piano" composed by Murat.

        In 2012 Kabardokov graduated St. Petersburg State Conservatory ( class of Professor Gennady Banshchikov)

In St. Petersburg the musician began working closely with the Taurida Symphony Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Golikov, with whom a number of projects were implemented. Among them there is a large-scale audio album on 5 discs "Symphony of the Caucasus". Within the framework of the project, symphonic and chamber works by composers of Kabardino-Balkaria, including Murat Kabardokov, were also recorded, and concerts were held with this program in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nalchik.

        In 2013, the musician was awarded the title People's Artist of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

        In 2014 composed the soundtrack for the film "Francofonia" directed by Alexander Sokurov, which received two prizes at the 72nd Venice Film Festival.

        In 2015, together with Klever Quartet  recorded an album "Without Words", which was presented in the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic in June of the same year.

        In 2016 Kabardokov and Klever Quartet had concerts in more than 10 US cities with a program of classical music and new works. For the cycle of concerts in Sacramento all the musicians were awarded the "Certificate of Recognition" from the Ministry of Culture of California.

        In August of the same year the was a premiere of the ballet "Her name was Carmen" in the in London Coliseum Theater in Kabardokov’s arrangement on the themes from the opera Bizet. It performed by the orchestra of the British National Opera and Tachkin’s Dance Theater.

        In 2016 Murat Kabardokov and cellist Igor Botvin were awarded the “Certificate of recognition" from the US Congress for composing and performing in Round Top (Texas) "Reflections on a dream" for cello and piano

         September 15, 2017 premiere of the restored version of the film Dziga Vertov’s "Man With A Movie Camera" at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg in the opening of the international film festival "Message to Man" with a new soundtrack written by Murat specifically for the event. The music was performed by the symphonic orchestra "Taurida" and the author (piano, synthesizer).

 2019 prize for best music г("Sea-buckthorn Summer ")  of XXV Russian filmfest "Literature and film''.

 В 2020 winner of largest composers contest in Russia  "Партитура"  in nomination "Soundtrack".


      Music for films and plays:

"Tsurcula" (dir. by A. Nikolaev, 2014) 

"Francofonia" (dir. by A. Sokurov, 2015)
"Andryuha" (dir. by K. Balagov)

"The Big Village Lights"(dir. by I. Uchitel, 2016)

"Above The Mountains "(dir. by Khava Akhmadova, 2017)

"Man With A Movie Camera" (dir. by Dziga Vertov, 2017)

"Home"(dir. by Khava Akhmadova, 2017)

"Deep Rivers" (dir. by V. Bitokov, 2018)

"Sea-buckthorn Summer "( V. Alferov, 2018)

"Time key" (dir. by A. Telnov, 2020)

      Music for orchestra: symphonic poems "Lilit", "Mstislav and Ridada" , OST-suite, Concerto for harp and orchestra, Three ballads of R. Burns for baritone and orchestra, "Fairy Tale" for Harp and String Orchestra, “Circassian Dances», "Russian Suite", Concerto for Five Instruments and Orchestra , "Alexander Nevsky' oratorium, Symphony.

      Chamber music: more than 50 arrangements and original pieces for piano and string quartet, "Impressions" piano cycle inspired by R. Tsrimov's paintings, "Badynoko-quartet" for string quartet, "Night. Suite For a Quivering Voice And Piano", words by F.G. Lorka ,Sonata for Cello and Piano, "Reflections On A Dream" for cello and piano,  2 Piano Quintets, Suite For Guitar Solo , "Lipa" for cello and piano.

      Released  albums on digital stores

"Without Words

"Solo, Duo, Quintetto

"Deep Rivers


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